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2024 Saluting Educator (Classified): Carmen Sapien

2024 Saluting Educator (Classified): Carmen Sapien

Carmen Sapien  | ISchool Secretary II

Midland Elementary School 

Mrs. Sapien consistently showcases an unparalleled dedication to fostering strong relationships within the Midland Elementary School community. Recognizing the profound impact of trust and communication, she has actively reached out to parents and guardians, bridging any potential gaps and ensuring that all community groups are aligned in prioritizing student achievement. Mrs. Sapien possesses superior management and organizational skills. She significantly demonstrates the capacity to deal well with responsibilities when under high pressure. She scrutinizes and analyzes issues beforehand to provide convincing solutions that are relevant and workable. Her efforts underscore the importance of community collaboration in nurturing the holistic growth and academic success of our students. She is truly the heart of Midland Elementary.

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