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Midland Elementary School

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Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year!

I am so grateful to have the students back in the classrooms and around their peers!  Despite all the challenges and obstacles of 2020, it is a joy to "see" all their smiling faces again (the masks may hide the smile but the eyes don't lie!).  I am looking forward to being your child’s Resource Specialist Program (RSP) teacher and working with them to help them grow during this new school year.


Our goal is - as always - to help students develop a growth mindset: to tackle their individual struggles with courage, to view their mistakes as building blocks from which they can learn and grow rather than giving up, and to see their struggles not as deficits but as challenges.  This mindset is especially important now, as the students try to transition back into the classrooms after having to learn from home during Distance Learning.  I understand that some of our younger students have never been in a public school setting, so this will be their first experience in the classroom.


The RSP program will continue to provide your student with Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI) to the best extent possible.  In addition, your child's progress towards his/her IEP (Individualized Learning Program) goals will continue to be monitored, discussed, and reviewed by the IEP team.  Based on your student's IEP, he/she may receive individual or small-group support in the following ways:

  • Small-group support/instruction in their general education classrooms
  • Small-group support/instruction in the RSP classroom
  • Additional practice to develop their skills through online learning programs (i.e. Wonders, Splash Learn, Storybird)
  • Assignments to complete through Google Classroom
It will be frustrating at times - for both you and your child - but please remember that we are all in this together.  I am here as a resource and support to help you in any way that I can.  Please reach out to me!
Mrs. Berman