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Midland Elementary School

Third Grade Experiences Snow!

"The third grade went on an exciting field trip to the Wildlands Conservacy’s Outdoor Discovery Program in Oak Glen. When we arrived, it was already snowing and continued throughout our day. For many students, this was their first time ever experiencing snow. The naturalists provided jackets and waterproof ponchos for all of the students, so they could enjoy the snow.
The naturalists led us hiking through an evergreen forest, redwood trees, past ponds abundant with wildlife, under a black oak forest canopy, through a chaparral habitat and onto a boardwalk past wetlands overflowing with native flora. They learned about predators, prey, habitats, the water cycle and many interesting facts from the naturalists. We saw woodpeckers, robins, and many types of birds. Many students had their first nature experience during the hands-on, curriculum based program. This field trip will be one that the third graders never forget!" Ms. Denison