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Midland Elementary School

Midland Students Are Reaching Their Accelerated Reader Goals! :)

Midland students are working hard to reach their Accelerated Reader goals!
Our school librarian, Mrs. Brown states,
"Since the beginning of the school year our students have been working hard to reach One Million words read in AR and become exclusive members of our “One Million Word club”.
Each trimester we track their progress and celebrate the top reader in each class of 2nd -5th grade students, with a fun party in the library. Our most recent party took place Friday March 9th. Top readers from each class gathered in the library, received awards, had lunch and played games.
One game that they were very excited about was the Giant Word Search. The students helped each other search for their chosen word! It was educational and fun! Among the top readers celebrated at that “One Million Word quarterly celebration” were our Top readers in the entire school, they are
Jahari Davis with 2,005,350 words read, Ratanahreasey Pang with 1,880,708 words read and Ezrah Moncada with 1,549,879 words read! We also have several students who are on track to reading One Million words before the school year ends!"